SINCE 1863

It is above all a family history of winemakers and passion for wine.

In 1863 the wine adventure begins. In the course of the 1950s, the family became owners of Chateaux in Bordeaux. In 1986, Eurovins set up its offices in the heart of the city of Bordeaux and developed its trading business.

Since that date, we export wines to many countries every year.
Thanks to the trust of our customers, the company is growing steadily.

Our team includes English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and French speaking associates.



  • Frédéric Jaubert
    Frédéric Jaubert


  • Ekaterina Mangold
    Ekaterina Mangold

    Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa Sales Manager

  • Leysan Sadykov
    Leysan Sadykov

    Export Sales Representative

  • Victoria Ilina
    Victoria Ilina

    Administrative Assistant, Export Sales Department

  • Wen Lajoinie
    Wen Lajoinie

    China Sales Manager

  • He Lorentz
    He Lorentz

    Administrative Assistant, China Export Department

  • Yueying Lafont
    Yueying Lafont

    Administrative Assistant, Asia Export Department

  • Bruno Dufourny
    Bruno Dufourny

    Logistics Manager

  • Christine Bricard
    Christine Bricard

    Financial and administrative manager